First novel, Earth, to Launch February 19, 2015

My first novel, Earth, is being published by Seattle’s Booktrope, and the official launch is this Thursday, Feb. 19th. Join our mailing list on my website,, and be entered to win a couple of fun promo prizes. I’m a visual artist and metaphysical coach (besides being a fiction writer) and you could win a […]

The Ecology of Hierarchical Thinking

Watercolor landscape, A month ago, a friend gave me a packet of lettuce seeds and I sprinkled them in the garden. I was just admiring the tiny lettuce leaves springing up and for some reason turned to thoughts of hierarchical thinking. In a hierarchy, the seedlings might well be seen as less than the […]

Enter to win an original watercolor!

We’re holding a raffle to attract people to my new Caroline Alllen, Author Facebook fan page. Earth, my first novel will be published in February 2015! Click this link below, and Rafflecopter will guide  you through the process of liking my page, and following me on Twitter, and you’ll be entered to win this 9×12 […]

Writing the Expat Novel

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring At Art of Storytelling, we coach numerous expats on their novels and nonfiction books, and as a writer myself, two of my novels, AIR and FIRE are expat novels. What distinguishes an expat novel from other literary works? The protagonist […]

How Can I Stay in the Light When the World is so Dark?

Besides being owner of Art of Storytelling and a novelist at, I’m also a metaphysical coach, and I do readings for people all over the world. What follows is a reading channeled for all of us. Passenger planes shot down, bombings in Palestine and Israel, children sent over national borders by desperate mothers trying to […]

Five Problems You’ll Face Writing a Book in English if English is Not Your Native Tongue

Art of Storytelling is a coaching service for writers of novels and memoir. We’ve worked with people all over the world to help them finish their books. Contact us for a free initial consultation. Why are so many people these days across the globe wanting to write their novels and memoirs in English? At Art […]

Spring Coaching Special

Spring Coaching Special! Half off the first month You want to write a book, and you don’t know where to begin. Or you’ve written half a manuscript ,and now you’re stuck. Thursday, March 20th is the first day of spring. In celebration of renewal and rebirth, AofS is offering a special. If you sign up […]

Creative Writing 101 E-Course Scholarship

I was told in a dream last night to offer one scholarship for the February Creative Writing 101 E-Course. Fill out the online application, and tell us your story in six sentences or less to win a place in the workshop, a $297 value. If you’ve already paid or registered, you can STILL apply for this […]

Writing a Book through Channeling

The Visconti Sforza Moon tarot card. What would happen if you combined novel, memoir or screenplay writing with psychic channeling? Could you psychically vibe your protagonist to get down to the core of his or her belief system? Could you channel a plot? Don’t many famous writers say that they feel like they’re “channeling” when […]

Jealousy on Trial

I had a dream. I was seated at the defendant’s table in an old-fashioned courtroom. My attorney, a soft round woman, held my hand beneath the table. I could feel she believed in me. Jealousy was suing me. Jealousy was on the stand and was bright red, like the devil card in the Visconti Sforza […]