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“Who Do You Think You Are?” The Top 5 Blocks For Writers

The book coaching process, especially at the beginning, can be a very safe space. The coach is there to nurture the new writer, to allow experimentation, offering inspiration, provide support, and pass on constructive advice. We aim to OPEN the writer, and that only happens with unconditional love for the person and the creative process.… Continue reading “Who Do You Think You Are?” The Top 5 Blocks For Writers


Outside the Lines, November 15, 2016

Guess what’s coming for Christmas. I’ll be offering portraits for sale. Want a painting of your child, or spouse, or girlfriend, or dog?  Send a photo and I’ll have it done in time for Christmas. The following is a portrait of jeweler Robert Williams in Massachusetts, a very gifted creator of fine jewelry. I call… Continue reading Outside the Lines, November 15, 2016


Finding Artistic Voice

Why do a painting every day for a year? Why write every day?  When you do art often and fast, you break through mental blocks and critical thoughts to this authentic moment, this genuine self, where visual marks or turns of phrases are perfectly YOU.  When you do art every day, you anchor that moment… Continue reading Finding Artistic Voice


Outside the Lines, October, 2016

Entering month 10 of the painting a day series, Outside the Lines, I was completely burnt out.  I couldn’t conjure up the energy to come up with ideas every day for a painting, let alone execute one. It was made even more difficult by the fact that I’m writing my third novel,  FIRE, and am so deeply… Continue reading Outside the Lines, October, 2016