5 Easy Steps for Breaking Through Anxiety into Creativity

Years ago, a journalist friend in Seattle came over to my apartment. She’d just returned from Afghanistan, where she was responsible for setting up a newsroom and training local journalists. When she arrived, she was so exhausted and drained to her very core, she could barely walk or talk. I knew the feeling. I’d given […]

Rejection? Don’t “get over it”, get “into it”

Artists and writers face a lot of rejection. People will tell you to “get over it.” They’ll say: “Who the hell cares what other people think?” I say: Don’t get over it, get into it. I’ve spent my life peeling back the layers to find my authentic creative voice. As a journalist in Tokyo, London, […]

Art is our Activism

Why not just postpone the novel launch? It’s a legitimate question. Why not wait until the fires were over, until I was home (unless, of course, my house had burned down, which I didn’t know for a long time during evacuation)? Why not get settled, then publish your novel? My answer: We have no time to wait! It’s now or never. We have to step up.

Writing is my activism. I’m also a visual artist. Art is my activism. It isn’t something you put off. It’s what makes the difference in a world out of balance.  

Unpacking the Emotional Blocks to Writing

The Heart of the Writer Understanding your emotions on your literary journey is just as important as knowing how to write In ninth grade, one of my teachers, Mrs. Hentges, came up to me and told me that she was entering me in a statewide fiction writing contest. Only one person from each school was allowed […]