Finding Purpose: Turn Left!

I know turning left can be scary. Each time I’ve turned left, I’ve felt more out on a limb, even farther from fitting into society. The road is full of bumps and pot holes, and we may have to clear a fallen tree, and move branches blocking the way. And we sure the heck are not sure where it leads. But we do know where the old road leads…


January Literary Reading, Seattle

We may feel called to step up to the plate to create change, but how? What is an “authentic calling” in an upside-down world? Is finding such a path more difficult in this radically shifting climate? Is it more essential? What role can mysticism and spirit play in helping us align to a higher calling?

Win a Signed Copy of AIR!

My novel, AIR, the second book in the Elemental Journey Series, is being released this Thursday, Oct. 22. Enter to win a signed copy here. “…this book brings us face to face with the niggling edges of things, with what we think defines us.” For more information or to purchase the book, go to, […]

What I Learned from Creating One Painting a Day for One Year

In early 2014, I grew frustrated with the lack of time I had for doing visual art. I’m a novelist and run a book coaching business. I gave up an international journalism career to pursue a literary and artistic life, and felt like a child stomping my foot when it came to not having time to […]

Next What’s Your Story E-Course Begins October 8, 2014

The next Art of Storytelling, What’s Your Story E-Course for new writers starts October 8th. Join us! It’s a soulful transformation from linear mind to creative flow. By the end of six weeks, you’ll have a rough piece you can use as an essay, a short story, an opening to a novel or the beginning […]

Five Problems You’ll Face Writing a Book in English if English is Not Your Native Tongue

Art of Storytelling is a coaching service for writers of novels and memoir. We’ve worked with people all over the world to help them finish their books. Contact us for a free initial consultation. Why are so many people these days across the globe wanting to write their novels and memoirs in English? At Art […]

5 Reasons You Can’t Seem to Finish Your Book

You haven’t set a scheduled time to write. I know, I know, you only write when you’re inspired. Inspire yourself by setting a regular writing schedule. With the hundreds of people we’ve taught at Art of Storytelling and the dozens we’ve coached on their books, we find again and again that those who finish and […]