Our Lives as Art

Do you use your own life in your art? My books in the Elemental Journey series are semi-autobiographical. I’ve always felt I was trying to convey not just my life, but also the epic journey of all of our lives.

First novel, Earth, to Launch February 19, 2015

My first novel, Earth, is being published by Seattle’s Booktrope, and the official launch is this Thursday, Feb. 19th. Join our mailing list on my website, carolineallen.com, and be entered to win a couple of fun promo prizes. I’m a visual artist and metaphysical coach (besides being a fiction writer) and you could win a […]

The Ecology of Hierarchical Thinking

Watercolor landscape, http://www.carolineallen.com A month ago, a friend gave me a packet of lettuce seeds and I sprinkled them in the garden. I was just admiring the tiny lettuce leaves springing up and for some reason turned to thoughts of hierarchical thinking. In a hierarchy, the seedlings might well be seen as less than the […]

Enter to win an original watercolor!

We’re holding a raffle to attract people to my new Caroline Alllen, Author Facebook fan page. Earth, my first novel will be published in February 2015! Click this link below, and Rafflecopter will guide  you through the process of liking my page, and following me on Twitter, and you’ll be entered to win this 9×12 […]

Walking in the Worlds of my Fantasy

Please welcome guest blogger and new Art of Storytelling intern Acea Spades Black.  In this blog, the 21-year old Portland native explores his childhood love of LORD OF THE RINGS and the power of fantasy. Acea is serving a 3-month sentence as AofS’s intern, and is already helping put us on the map with press […]

Writing a Novel, English as a Second Language

In Art of Storytelling’s ongoing series of essays by guest bloggers, Russian novelist Nadia Clifford explores writing a novel in English when English is your second language. Nadia, who is working on her first novel, grew up in Moscow and now lives in the Boston area. Art of Storytelling is offering an E-Course entitled International Novel/Memoir: […]

Writing a novel, from geisha to herbalist

I stood at the second story window, looking out, waiting for him. It was so cold. There was no way to heat yourself this late at night. The house was made of wood and rice paper, with gaps between the slats in the walls. The freezing air hit me through the cracks. I pulled the […]

How to write: The Power of Shadows

Brother and Sister, acrylic on canvas, 30×26″, http://www.carolineallen.com I’ve been working for the past two days in my studio on the above painting. I still have a lot to learn about visual art. Where you place the shadows can make or break a painting. You can have a moody powerful piece or a face that […]

How to write believable characters

Statue at Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest, http://www.carolineallen.com I’ve been working with Julie for four years. She’s writing a fascinating novel, where half of the novel is set in Medieval Wales and the other half in modern times. The protagonist has lived both lifetimes. Read more about Julie, as well as an excerpt here. http://www.artofstorytellingonline.com/#!__site/case-studies Because Julie […]

Those 5 year olds

Mystical Hand, http://www.carolineallen.com I taught Mystical Hands to 5 year olds last week, at a progressive private school called Wheeler in Providence, Rhode Island. We talked about the importance of our hands, how much we need our wiggling fingers, pinkies, thumbs and wrists. We traced our hands on cardboard and then collaged them with images […]