The Ecology of Hierarchical Thinking

Watercolor landscape, A month ago, a friend gave me a packet of lettuce seeds and I sprinkled them in the garden. I was just admiring the tiny lettuce leaves springing up and for some reason turned to thoughts of hierarchical thinking. In a hierarchy, the seedlings might well be seen as less than the […]

What is writing coaching: An interview with Lisa Jones

Below, Caroline Allen, Founder of Art of Storytelling, interviews former writing client Lisa Jones (pictured above) about her book, The Art of Living Happy. Lisa has received fantastic recognition for her self-published book, including a recent interview by Fox News! Here we explore what it was like for Lisa to work with Art of Storytelling […]

So you think YOU have writer’s block?

Two months ago, I started putting together a 5-week Creative Writing 101 E-Course for Art of Storytelling. I boiled down all that I’d learned over 18 years of teaching and coaching fiction and memoir into five video lessons. I also wrote a story following each video exercise and I am posting successive versions of the […]

Revision Madness

In working recently with a gifted screenplay writer on the revision of one of his scripts, I realized that there’s a common psychological path when it comes to revision (whether it’s a novel, memoir or screenplay) that shows up with all my clients. First let me make it clear that as a writing coach, I […]

Writing Vivid Dialogue

The pianist, Yerevan, Armenia,   Here’s a trick for writing dynamic dialogue. A client and I were recently creating dialogue between a husband and wife who’ve known each other for years. How can you capture the subtlety, the subtext of the relationship? How can you not over-write it, not state the obvious? How do you capture […]

Everyone Knows The Alphabet: Thoughts on Screenwriting

Former NYC agent and current AofS coach Jon Sternfeld discusses screenwriting in Art of Storytelling’s ongoing series of guest blogs on the writing process. Jon has worked under the VP of Development at a major independent production company, Good Machine Inc. (The Ice Storm, In the Bedroom, Happiness) under writer/producer James Schamus. In charge of […]