How Can I Stay in the Light When the World is so Dark?


Besides being owner of Art of Storytelling and a novelist at, I’m also a metaphysical coach, and I do readings for people all over the world. What follows is a reading channeled for all of us.

Passenger planes shot down, bombings in Palestine and Israel, children sent over national borders by desperate mothers trying to protect them from growing violence, the lingering financial crisis, environmental chaos — as things grow more intense globally, how can we possibly stay in the light? How can we remain aware of the real issues those around us face and still live a life full of love and light? How can we keep the faith?

My novels Earth, Air, Fire, Water are about one girl’s journey to find herself in a world bombarded by climate change, so this is an issue profoundly close to my heart.  I thought today I would pull a tarot reading for all of us on the issue.

Question: With the growing fear in the world, how does an individual remain centered, grounded and full of love for life? How can I as an individual live a rich, full and loving life with all the scary stuff going down?

Tarot: You were born into this lifetime for a reason. Your soul chose this era to be born into. There is a reason you are here. You are called in this lifetime to be part of the paradigm shift into the light. During times of trouble, people are forced to explore spirit. This is a great era for deepening into spirit. Many do not have the luxury to live a simple, blind-folded life. External events thrust us down deep into the self, and into spirit to find meaning. If you are afraid, explore spirit. Read spiritual books. Take a spiritual/metaphysical workshop. Build an altar and light a candle daily. We need people to learn that their guides are all around them. We’re here. Many simply do not know how to access this spiritual side, this support that exists for every one of us. The more spiritual work you do on a daily basis, the less alone you will feel. You’ll feel more support even though nothing externally necessarily changes in your life. People feel isolated in their fear, because they think they’re alone. But you’re not. Many people have the same thoughts about the world as you do — we all want peace. We want love to prevail. Your neighbor thinks this way. Your co-workers. Many many people think this way.

You think there is nothing you can do as one single person against forces that are so great. But look at MLK Jr, Ghandi, Mother Theresa – a single person can change the world! Do spiritual work. Learn to speak to your guides! Speak to others from a place of dignity, grace and love. Open up dialogue with others about the love you feel for the world, and your worry. But don’t get trapped in hopelessness in these conversations — this is how we trap each other with our despair and lower the vibrational level. Major global change can only happen if we’re all vibrating at this higher level of love. You have no idea how much power is available to you, spiritual power. It’s right there, but you can’t see it. You are a powerful spiritual force and you can change lives. You CAN change the world. You already do. The more your align with your highest power, the more change you can affect.

By staying in the fear, you are part of the paradigm that is creating the violence. Even if you do not do a single violent act in your life, your fear and rage are an energy that feeds the outward reality of violence. So, choose to do spiritual work daily. Consciously choose every day to align with your higher power. Keep working at this alignment. Refuse to join the fear and anger-fest. You are not a child at the mercy of mean grown ups. You are a powerful adult who can affect change. Announce loudly and proudly to yourself that you will be part of the paradigm shift in the world toward the light.

Where do you begin? You can start small and build. Anything you do in the light will help raise the vibrational level for all. Plant a garden. Paint a picture. See a therapist. Turn off the violent movie. Play music. Hike in the woods. Give a gift to a friend. Say I love you, to the earth, to your food, to the sky, to your friends and family. Emanate love. We don’t have to take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unless that is our calling. We just have to operate daily in the light.

After starting in these small ways, then simply decide how you want to be part of the paradigm shift. Join an animal rights organization. Get certified to become a life coach. Write a book. Follow your soul’s calling to be a musician. Your spirit has already been telling you the direction to go. Just go there. Just go. There is no time to waste. We also need to protect ourselves on this journey. Watching the news can be toxic for some people. Violent movies can be poison. An individual IS affected by group thought, and it’s important to find group thought that emanates from the light.

Think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Do not go to the anger place of who is right and who is wrong in this conflict. Or the denial place of pretending it has nothing to do with you. Think instead: How scared these people must be. They’re afraid for their lives, for their children’s lives. They’re grief-stricken. All the people on both sides are simply frightened. It’s all love. Can you see? They love their lives and want to keep their lives and think violence is the way to do that. But deep down the core truth is love. Like you, they want peace and safety. They want their families to be safe. They want more than even this simple survival — they want rich lives full of love.

If you can view any violent situation from this perspective — that these are people and they’re all frightened and the core of it all always comes back to love — then it can fill you up, not drain you. Think now of someone who has done you harm. Pick the person who has done the most harm to you in your life. Instead of rage and fear, think instead: What happened to that person to bring them to the crisis point? Can you see their grief there? Their loneliness? Their heart-break? Can you see how they weren’t nurtured? Can you see their love? Can you send them love?

A profound meditation you can use to try to let go of fear and anger and live in the light is to send sacred unconditional love raining down upon the heads of even your worst enemy. You can visualize this love as a white light that descends from the universe upon the person or people and fills them up with divine love. It’s difficult, and can take a while to be able to visualize it, but once you do, watch all the knots untie in your belly. And you may even be surprised what happens the next time you see that person. (You can even visualize sacred unconditional love floating down upon the heads of people in war-torn countries, for example the people who shot down the plane over Ukraine. Remember, these are the people who need the unconditional love the most!)

One final note: Many people are worried about what society will think if they go the woo woo direction that the spirit guides are leading them. I promise you, if you do NOT go that direction there’s going to be no quote unquote society left to even judge you. We don’t have any time left to worry about the mainstream “construct”. Just go. Now!

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