“Who Do You Think You Are?” The Top 5 Blocks For Writers

The book coaching process, especially at the beginning, can be a very safe space. The coach is there to nurture the new writer, to allow experimentation, offer inspiration, provide support, and pass on constructive advice. We aim to OPEN the writer, and that only happens with unconditional love for the person and the creative process. […]

First novel, Earth, to Launch February 19, 2015

My first novel, Earth, is being published by Seattle’s Booktrope, and the official launch is this Thursday, Feb. 19th. Join our mailing list on my website, carolineallen.com, and be entered to win a couple of fun promo prizes. I’m a visual artist and metaphysical coach (besides being a fiction writer) and you could win a […]

Come as you are

Weeds near a sidewalk, Seattle, http://www.carolineallen.com Imagine yourself as a field. Well, a clearing really. One one side a muddy expanse, leading to an area of long grass, abutting scrubby low-lying bushes whose branches intertwine like a spider’s web. The grass is too tall to mow, and someone has run a tractor over it and […]

The Real Secret

Sunflower, http://www.carolineallen.com I was asked by a friend to listen to The Secret on CD. I was not a fan of the craze. Even before I listened to the CDs, I’d followed the hoopla and felt deeply the concepts were too simplistic and actually even dangerous. First, the idea of our thoughts generating reality has […]

Feeling stuck?

Boy without balloon, acrylic on board, http://www.carolineallen.com Are you a writer who has always wanted to write, and in fact, did have luck in creative writing courses in high school or college, but you haven’t written in years? Your passion to write and inability to do so cause you more than a little despair. Your […]