Unpacking the Emotional Blocks to Writing

The Heart of the Writer Understanding your emotions on your literary journey is just as important as knowing how to write In ninth grade, one of my teachers, Mrs. Hentges, came up to me and told me that she was entering me in a statewide fiction writing contest. Only one person from each school was allowed […]

Writer’s Block: When Abuse is Used to Stop the Voice

I am in my counselor’s office in Portland, a pretty room on the top floor of a house. The slanted ceiling reminds me of my childhood room. You know how when some therapists do inner child work, they put a chair across from you and have you talk to your inner little girl? Well, I am having […]

So you think YOU have writer’s block?

Two months ago, I started putting together a 5-week Creative Writing 101 E-Course for Art of Storytelling. I boiled down all that I’d learned over 18 years of teaching and coaching fiction and memoir into five video lessons. I also wrote a story following each video exercise and I am posting successive versions of the […]

Down time, waaaaaaaay down

At sea, acrylic on cardboard, http://www.carolineallen.com Last November, I finished the long process of prepping Earth for publishers and started revising the rough draft of my second novel Air. I’d been writing, revising, editing and researching the market, not to mention working with about ten writing clients, for years. For at least the past five […]

Shutting down for years

As a coach, I come across a lot of writers who go through strong on and off phases with writing. They write for years, are passionate about taking classes, begin a novel, almost finish several short stories, then they shut down and do no writing for years. Not months, years! If you’re a former student […]

Feeling stuck?

Boy without balloon, acrylic on board, http://www.carolineallen.com Are you a writer who has always wanted to write, and in fact, did have luck in creative writing courses in high school or college, but you haven’t written in years? Your passion to write and inability to do so cause you more than a little despair. Your […]