Elemental Journey | Using Tarot to Find Purpose

Do you want to find your purpose? Are you feeling a call to deepen your connection to your authentic path? In these online courses, I pour my heart out around my path to becoming a novelist and visual artist, and explain how I used tarot to get there, and how learning to channel not only helped […]

You’re Not Alone

You feel crazy. Something’s not right. Things aren’t working like they’re supposed to. You can FEEL that something is amiss. What is it? Besides being a book coach, I am also a metaphysical coach and do readings where I channel for people all over the world. In the past month, again and again people have sought […]

Writing and Psychic Channeling

    What would happen if you combined novel, memoir or screenplay writing with psychic channeling? Could you psychically explore your protagonist to get down to the core of his or her belief system? Could you channel a plot? Don’t many famous writers say that they feel like they’re “channeling” when they write, with information […]