How to write: The Power of Shadows

Brother and Sister, acrylic on canvas, 30×26″, I’ve been working for the past two days in my studio on the above painting. I still have a lot to learn about visual art. Where you place the shadows can make or break a painting. You can have a moody powerful piece or a face that […]

Coaching Scholarship for Writers

digital photography, Because of the financial crisis, and its effect on writers and artists, I’m happy to offer a 3-month coaching scholarship. I’ll coach the winner on memoir, nonfiction, novels or short stories twice a month, including written feedback and phone consultations, a $900 value. This is a full-scholarship and will not cost the […]

Using Ritual in Writing

The Heirophant, from the Visconti Sforza tarot deck I have a client I’ve worked with for a couple of years, and he has just finished his screenplay. I’ve never written a screenplay, but coached him on things like storytelling and character development, and mostly kept him accountable. How many of us need some deadline, or […]

Trauma Trumps Tenderness

Grandparents Weider I’ve been working with Ellen Newhouse, a Seattle healer ( for a few years on her memoir. Every two weeks we dive into a chapter, refine the language, explore the setting, develop the characters. We relive her childhood together, remembering everything from the living room sofa to the 6th grade classroom. Remembering, too, […]

Workshop: Writing and Shamanism Revisited

Harold’s boat, digital photography, Because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and other disturbing weather patterns, I’m holding a Writing and Shamanism workshop dedicated to our role as writer in helping heal the earth in early August in Seattle. The workshop has been developed to help a range of writers, from the new […]