Outside the Lines, October, 2016

Entering month 10 of the painting a day series, Outside the Lines, I was completely burnt out.  I couldn’t conjure up the energy to come up with ideas every day for a painting, let alone execute one. It was made even more difficult by the fact that I’m writing my third novel,  FIRE, and am so deeply […]

Outside the Lines, September 16, 2016

The process of going from a journalist in newsrooms to a novelist and visual artist has been all about getting out of the intellect and getting into the soul. It’s been about letting go of control. That is the goal of the painting a day series. Today’s is called “Come on baby light my fire” […]

Outside the Lines, September 10, 2016

Some days, you’d rather do anything than have to painting a painting. You’d rather clean out the refrigerator or scrub the toilets or stick your hand into the garbage disposal. Nine months of painting every single day and you’re TIIIIIIIRED. But still you must paint. This one is entitled: “If I Go to Church on […]