Revolution of Voice: Re- Visioning

  What is Revolution of Voice? Many of us are being called now to find our authentic selves. As with the #MeToo movement, and with people of all races standing up and speaking their truth, we’re seeing an outward expression of this revolution. As an artist and coach, I’m intrigued with the inner transformation, those […]

Why write? What’s the point?

Pearl, pre-fleas, 2008 My kitten contracted fleas from god knows where (she’s an indoor cat and has not been outside, nor has she had any kind of contact with other animals). At any rate, I had to take everything I own to the local laundromat. I sat in the nondescript laundromat in a strip mall […]

OK, that’s enough. My turn. BOOM.

Haverhill, MA, 2008, I am working with a writing client, a new novelist, who recently took a vacation to a tropical island with her husband and two children. Her laptop was too heavy, so she decided not to take it. Besides, she thought, I can use my husband’s when he’s not working. With kids […]