Psychic abilities and the creative process

Black and white nude, Seattle, 2006, by caroline allen. My entire life as an artist, as an adult, stems from the moment when I became psychic. Many many people ask how psychicness fits into the role of Artist. I wrote about the sudden opening, my initiation into becoming a channeler in my book, Yes […]

On Characterization

Man in sunny courtyard, Budapest, photograph by caroline allen, 2007 How do you begin a story? There are lots of ways writers throughout time have used to build a story. You can begin with a concept, a philosophical idea, a sketchy plot. You can start with a newspaper clipping, a story from your childhood, gossip […]

Writing and September 11th

Budapest Cemetery, December 2006, Photograph by Caroline Allen This past Tuesday, the sixth anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster, I was talking to a friend about the anniversary and about being a writing coach. I realized as we were talking that most of my business stemmed from the events of September 11, 2001. At […]

Yes, this journey is absolutely necessary

Click here to order the book You’re thinking, I’m tired of just working and not doing anything creative. I want to do Art, be it writing, photography, visual art, music, or dance, or anything that excites the artist within. Why is it so hard to begin? Why is it so hard to maintain the process […]

Don’t think! Act…

Feeding chickens and baby cows, acrylic on paper, Caroline Allen How many times have I wanted to finish that short story or this next chapter or a painting and I sit for hours, days and weeks waiting for inspiration to come. How many times? Too many. ALL the time. And I know better than some, […]


Often new writers work from a semi-autobiographical viewpoint. We write about our families, our lives. We fictionalize it, but still the characters and setting are based on what we know. Well, we need to tell these stories. That’s often why we want to write. We see our lives as universal stories, full of truth and […]