Unpacking the Emotional Blocks to Writing

The Heart of the Writer Understanding your emotions on your literary journey is just as important as knowing how to write In ninth grade, one of my teachers, Mrs. Hentges, came up to me and told me that she was entering me in a statewide fiction writing contest. Only one person from each school was allowed […]

Your Book is Bigger than You; Stop Trying to Control it

I’ve been a book coach for two decades. I’ve worked with expats on novels, lawyers on self-help books, and acupuncturists on memoir, and I’ve written three novels myself. People often ask, “What is the biggest issue new writers face when writing books?” There are many, like: Writers need to learn to let go of perfectionism […]

Writing a Book: Overview

I’ve been a book coach for 19 years, working with people all over the world on memoir, novels, self-help books and even film scripts. I began my career as an international journalist (in newsrooms like London’s Financial Times). People come to my company, Art of Storytelling, wanting to write and publish a book. Few understand […]

Ferguson, Madness and Healing

My first novel EARTH has found a publisher (I will wait until I sign on the dotted line to say more), and it seems interesting to me that just as my literary efforts come to fruition, just as my story of the woes of growing up in brutal Missouri begin to reach a wider audience, […]

How to write: Bless the Beasts

  This Little Piggy, painting in progress, http://www.carolineallen.com   I’m feeling called to write about an artistic healing I’ve been going through. I’d rather not share something so personal, but the universe is asking me to. I think the idea is that if you see what one artist/writer goes through, perhaps you’ll be better able […]