How Creative Discipline Rewires Your Brain

In 2007, Harvard Medical School conducted a study around a five-finger piano exercise. Half of the participants were told to play for two hours a day, five days and keep to the metronome’s 60 beats per minute. The other half were asked to simply think about practicing the piano, holding their hands still while playing the music […]

Loving the Artist’s Soul

I have a stormy, rocky psyche, thrashing prophetic dreams, tumultuous crashing waves in the soul, wild moments of beautiful artistic abandon, spontaneous crazinesses. I’d rather be by the ocean or in the woods or around a bonfire at night than anywhere else in the world. My intense moods don’t happen often enough or with enough severity […]

In the zone

Self Portrait, I have a friend in London who is a visual artist, Patricia Wynn Davies, I met Patricia at London’s Independent Newspaper where we both worked as journalists. I moved into her house as a lodger, and from that vantage point witnessed her transformation from well-known London journalist to visual artist. It’s […]