Revolution of Voice: Re- Visioning

  What is Revolution of Voice? Many of us are being called now to find our authentic selves. As with the #MeToo movement, and with people of all races standing up and speaking their truth, we’re seeing an outward expression of this revolution. As an artist and coach, I’m intrigued with the inner transformation, those […]

Elemental Journey | Using Tarot to Find Purpose

Do you want to find your purpose? Are you feeling a call to deepen your connection to your authentic path? In these online courses, I pour my heart out around my path to becoming a novelist and visual artist, and explain how I used tarot to get there, and how learning to channel not only helped […]

Five Reasons You’re Avoiding the “Call”

Fear. You’re hearing a “call” to change your life, to find your purpose, to step up to the plate and be of service in this crazy, mixed-up world. The time is NOW and you can sense the urgency of it, but the fear wells up and you shut down. I’ve coached dozens of people over the […]