For Writers Looking for a New Approach

When you’re building a business, they’ll often tell you to get to the “why”. Why are you running this business at this time? What’s driving you? What’s motivating you? Why you? Why this biz? Why now? I’ve been a book coach for 20 years and have helped thousands of people write their stories, in workshops […]

Where are you hiding?

sunflower, amesbury, ma, 2008, I keep coming across the theme of how women hide their intelligence as writers. Again and again this theme has come up with me and my own writing and with the clients I serve. Where are you hiding? That’s the question I would ask every writer. What wisdom do you […]

On Characterization

Man in sunny courtyard, Budapest, photograph by caroline allen, 2007 How do you begin a story? There are lots of ways writers throughout time have used to build a story. You can begin with a concept, a philosophical idea, a sketchy plot. You can start with a newspaper clipping, a story from your childhood, gossip […]