Five Reasons You’re Avoiding the “Call”

Fear. You’re hearing a “call” to change your life, to find your purpose, to step up to the plate and be of service in this crazy, mixed-up world. The time is NOW and you can sense the urgency of it, but the fear wells up and you shut down. I’ve coached dozens of people over the […]

Tarot in Retrograde: Flavor of the Funk

A couple of days this week, I woke up after 8 hours of sleep feeling like someone took a baseball bat to the back of my head. I really cleaned up my act a few years ago, went vegetarian, then vegan, got rid of almost all chemicals like dyes and preservatives from my diet, stopped eating processed […]

One painting a day for one year

On April 6, 2014, I began Operation 365: one painting a day for one year. This video shows what nine months of painting every day looks like. I own my own business, Art of Storytelling and coach novelists, memoir writers and script writers all over the world. My first novel Earth is being published in […]