Past Lives as Writing Inspiration

Maine, digital photography, I have a client who came to me to coach her in the writing of a nonfiction book about kids in foster care, their trials and tribulations, our misunderstanding of at-risk youth. I knew in my gut this client was also a writer of fiction. I’m not sure she knew it […]

So much to learn from Batman

nude, oil bar on paper, In the film Batman Begins, a theme that fascinated me was how to create an aura of superhero around the man Bruce Wayne, so he’d become the superhero Batman, so that he’d be respected, feared, left alone, taken seriously and finally, be a successful crime fighter. I thought this […]

Writing and Shamanism I’m teaching a one-day workshop in Seattle November 1st called Shamanism and Writing. I wanted to offer an explanation of how shamanism might work to help writers explode open their creativity, how it might help them figure out a plot or a character in their novels, how it might show them where to go […]

I don’t know All writers have to learn to live in the place of “I don’t know”. Novels are complex unweildy animals. If you know how every scene is going to unfold, you’re being too controlling. Perhaps you have a general idea of where the novel is going and that’s fine, but to know too much is […]

The ruler approaches the meeting place

Maine sunflower, I read an English translation of the I Ching almost daily. I find the ancient Chinese way of putting things quirky and exotic. “The penetrating (wind) moves above the profound (water) forming the condition for Reuniting.” I mean, ponder that for a while and see where it puts your mind! My favorite […]

Politically Incorrect

Tokyo on Ecstacy, tempera paint on canvas, I’m lying on my sofa at about 10 Sunday morning with a hangover. I went to a party last night where the host, a man, brought out a paper mache giant pink penis and hauled it up the branch of a Maple tree in his driveway. He […]


Mural detail by Karolline, 16, in the teen art program in Lowell, MA. After writing the blog From Neglect to Nurturing, I started thinking about how one goes about finding creative nurturing. The concept of that blog was that when as writers we are stuck, 99 percent of the time it is because of neglect […]