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Photo by Adrien Bisson, http://www.adrienbisson.com

Welcome. I am a Transformational Coach, a Book Coach, a published novelist and a visual artist.

I began my career as an international journalist, working for years in newsrooms in Tokyo and London, as well as in Seattle. I also traveled extensively through Asia as a travel writer. I gave up journalism to follow my calling to be an artist, both a novelist and painter: www.carolineallen.com

As a writing coach for people who want to write memoir and novels, I provide ongoing support, weekly one-on-one sessions where we speak to the soul of the work and tackle the practical aspects of good writing. Check out my coaching website at www.artofstorytellingonline.com.

Coaching writers involves brainstorming story ideas for novels or short stories; studying characterization, plot, setting and theme; exploring the revision process; and researching how to get work to market. I deeply understand the dynamics involved in committing to one’s soul path, and coaching also includes exploring the peaks and valleys of what it means to be an artist.

As a Transformational Coach, I help people who are seeking their purpose navigate the transition.

Voice is of deepest importance to me. I believe many of us have been taught to standardize our modes of expression. Writers and artists must undo this learning, and seek their unique voice, their eccentric style. The greatest compliment I have received came from a writer’s group made up of AofS clients. They told me they were amazed at how different each person’s style was. No two of my clients ever sound alike; we’re always exploring personal self exploration. This passion for voice has grown with my increasing exposure to other countries, and other voices.

Please contact me, Caroline Allen, either by filling out the form below or by going to my websites, www.artofstorytellingonline.com.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Caroline, I’ve just read the excerpt of ‘Earth’ at your art website and just loved it. I’m attempting a novel with a spiritual theme and reading your words I realised I’m making excuses for it as I go as I’m worried about how it will be received I think. Just reading your work has given leave to take in a deep, affirming breath. Thank you!


  2. Simonne,
    Right when your comment came through, I was doing a final revision on earth and polishing the spiritual aspects. Such serendipity!

    it’s amazing!
    I think in the U.S. (are you in Australia?) that we’re just beginning to allow the metaphysical in. I know Latin American literature is much more open to it, eg. through magical realism and such…

    thanks so much for your comment.


  3. I just read “Down Time” and what struck me powerfully was the part about the girl never being able to come ‘home.’ This is what I am struggling with presently – home… what is home, where is home, etc. I find myself feeling, as I have for what seems like years, as though I am home-less, floating in a body that is never really grounded, envious of those who seem to have a very definite sense of place, of belonging, of home. So I do radical things like move across the country in a desperate attempt to find it, only to arrive and realize it isn’t there either… Am I being who is meant to be on her own in this lifetime??


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