The Expat Creative Writer — January 2020

Untitled Design

An 8-week program for emerging expat writers

Begins in January 2020

  • Be the writer you’ve craved to become your entire life. There is an urgent call for all of us to fulfill our passions and make a difference, wherever we are on the planet.
  • Be empowered by taking control of your creative life. Sometimes as expats we can feel disempowered; we can’t get a visa to work, or we don’t know how long we’ll be in the current country, or cultural differences leave us confused and lost. Take back your power and create a writing practice that provides consistency no matter where you live.
  • Be a unique voice. The expat lifestyle creates growth and evolution unlike any other path. Bring that unique voice to the world.
  • Be purpose-driven. Purpose can follow you anywhere on your globally mobile path.
  • Belong to an expat writer community. As expats we can feel isolated. Find a sense of community here.
  • Be the author of your own life. You can write your own abundant life story.
  • Be heard and seen. Sometimes our expat stories go unheard by those who cannot fathom the lifestyle. It’s your turn to be heard.
  • Be an agent of change. Your writing could change  your life and change the world. Your voice is needed!
  • Be at home in yourself. As an former expat myself, I know that when we move from country to country we can feel homeless. You can find home inside yourself through writing.
  • Be.  Part of this globally mobile path can result in questioning your identity. Who am I?  Find that identity through telling your stories.

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