Outside the Lines, September 7, 2016


Why do a painting a day for one year? What possible benefit could come from such a practice?

I used to be an international journalist. I was deep into my intellect, into changing the world one serious news article at a time. I worked in Tokyo and London in busy, crazy newsrooms. I was in a Tokyo newsroom when Hirohito died, and in a London newsroom when Diana passed. It was an epic life, but I gave it up when I heard a spiritual call, which ultimately led me to art, both literary and visual.

I was so stuck in the intellect it took three years to even begin to loosen the grip of my brain, and let my soul speak on the page and the canvas.

As my novels were written and then got published, as my book coaching business grew, I had less time to paint! I was so upset. I’d given up everything to do my soul work, and here I was too busy to do it.

So, I started the painting-a-day series. My first one was two years ago and it was called Operation 365. First, it meant I did art every day and fufilled my soul’s contract as a visual artist. Second, it helped me to continue to break through my critical mind, my controlling mind. When you paint fast and hard every day, you have to let go of control or you will never get a painting done.

Working with tarot and doing metaphysical work really helped me with my path. I’ve developed an online course on learning tarot to find purpose. Check it out: the-elemental-journal.thinkific.com. 

I am the author of two novels, EARTH and AIR, www.carolineallen.com


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