You’re Not Alone

Assisi fresco post-earthquake in 1997. Photo credit: Independent Newspaper, London

You feel crazy. Something’s not right. Things aren’t working like they’re supposed to. You can FEEL that something is amiss. What is it?

Besides being a book coach, I am also a metaphysical coach and do readings where I channel for people all over the world. In the past month, again and again people have sought out readings because things are just not working out. Internally and externally something is just not right. The people around them are acting cruel, unkind and crazy. The job they were supposed to get falls through at the last minute inexplicably. They’ve suddenly lost their best friend for no conceivable reason. They’re sinking into a funk, a depression, in a way that they haven’t had to deal with in years. What’s going on?

Yes, difficulties like these happen all the time, but there’s something about the flavor of this current disruption that people cannot seem to put their finger on.

So, I’ve decided to throw a tarot reading about the issue to see if I can channel some answers. I have the tarot here and have not prepped or planned this in any way — will simply relate here what the cards tell me to relate. Here goes:

The Tower. The Death Card. The Wheel of Fortune.

Translation: Whether we like it or not, a new paradigm is crashing the old ways of doing things. A new system is required. The old ways are dead. It’s happening rapidly. The old world order can no longer sustain the planet. We have to build a new way. It’s happening so fast that people are reacting badly and taking it out on others. Or they’re slipping into depression. Break ups, job losses, the loss of a friend all of these are symptoms of this sudden change.

So, we look at our jobs or marriages and we no longer can pretend that something is okay that isn’t okay. And so BOOM it falls apart. We look at the world, and we cannot pretend the mainstream way of doing things is working. So BOOM our psyches can no longer support it. So, let’s say you’re trying to get a job just to make some money. You go to the interview and you’re like: I fundamentally do not believe in the way people are treated in this corporate atmosphere, but I need this job. So you ace the interview. You have all the credentials, all the work experience and you’re a fabulous interviewee.

Somehow you don’t get the job.

This seems to be happening to so many people I’m reading for. People of integrity are just not being allowed to slip back into lack of integrity. When lack of integrity exists, the situation will fall away, blow apart, or if we continue to stay within it, sink one into depression.

Yes you could say this has to some degree always been the case. But somehow right now the ante is being upped.

The upside of all of this is that things have been “wrong” and “unfair” for a while now, and “it’s about time” that change is happening so fundamentally.

Let me ask the tarot how best to weather all of this. Go deep into the self. Meditate. Find your connection with something bigger, Spirit or Soul or Art, whatever you want to call it. Don’t play in the mud with the dark side/mainstream mess. Separate. Meditate. Hold you integrity. Hold your power. Heal any block to holding yourself in your integrity.

The problem is this — if you truly stay in your integrity, if you truly heal and feel centered in what you know is the truth, you MUST back off from the mainstream way of doing things. And then you will be seen as radically alternative. Many of us have an aversion to being seen as alternative. It brings up our biggest most primal fear that we will be shunned by society, and we will not be safe.  But there is no way to remain safe and follow mainstream thought. The mainstream has become fundamentally unsafe for the individual and for the planet. Many are being called to be radical in their truth. As never before, we’re being asked to leave the quote unquote real world, for the world of authenticity, love, respect, sustainability, etc.

As this radical truth scares people into bad behaviors, we must hold our nerve. Hold our soul.

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2 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone

    1. Kerstin, yes, so so so many people are coming to me with this confusion of what’s happening…more now than ever! I asked tarot when it’ll end, and I just kept getting that we have to meditate and do spiritual work and hold fast to truth and integrity. Hmmmm.


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