Sudden Changes in 2016

Red Nude, part of Operation 365, one painting a day for one year,

Sudden healing. Sudden break ups. Sudden illnesses. Sudden career changes. Sudden beginnings. Sudden endings.

“Sudden” is the keyword for 2016.
We are a product of our environment, and the sudden shifts in our ecological system will equate to sudden energetic shifts in our lives.
How do we cope?Imagine the current paradigm is a merry-go-round. You hold onto any one of the rungs and you will spin until your head hurts. Where on a merry-go-round does one find perfect stillness? In the center.
While the world spins into chaos, center yourself. This doesn’t mean rapid changes won’t challenge you to the very core, but being centered means you’ll be in the best position to handle the changes.
How do you center yourself? Each person needs to have a method they use that works for them. Meditation. Yoga. Spending long hours in nature. Time alone. Reading spiritual books. It is imperative to find what works for you, and work it on a daily basis. You’re going to need every tool in your metaphysical toolbox to handle what’s coming next.
Many people want someone to tell them everything is going to be OK. Everything is already not OK. We have to stop looking for the easy answer.
What we are seeking is how best to cope with everything not being OK. How do we bring love to each situation? How can we go beyond coping and actually become a hero in this radically shifting world?
How do we bring our best and highest self instead of fear when temperatures spike, floods crests and forests burn? How can we not sink into depression, and instead be present enough to show up for people who need us?
Spirit may not be able to offer us the platitude: “Everything is going to be OK.” But they can offer us a passionate, dynamic life full of heroic action, sudden connection and transformational healing.
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