Spiritual Growth: Tree Wisdom


If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely one of the many people being called to heal themselves and in so doing help change the world. The call toward transformation is global and intense, and it seems to begin with a dark night of the soul.


It was nearly 20 years ago when I felt this call. I’ve been doing psychotherapy and spiritual work now for two decades. I’ve gone from the depths of the darkest depression, to alow-grade depression and finally to a complex life, filled on most days with visual art and  literature. I discuss this transformation in my four novels: The Elemental Journey Series: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Earth has been published and Air will be launched this fall.


In this journey, I have found profound progress when the spiritual work I do is coupled with an intense immersion in nature. I am not so much a fan of the psycho-therapeutic model with its focus on taking a negative event, revisiting it and intellectually analyzing it. This has never brought me true healing.

Wholeness for me has come from understanding all the players in my life drama from a spiritual perspective. Last week, frustrated with therapy, I took a break from it. Beside my house is a 20-minute hike through woods to a creek. I decided there was more wisdom and healing in the trees than in any therapist’s office. Daily now I walk my dog, Atlas, and I speak to the trees. I ask for their wisdom.

If you agree with the power and beauty of nature to heal, I would love if you would share this blog, using the buttons below. Part of all of our healing processes involves sharing the healing with others.


For more information about my literary novels, go to www.carolineallen.com.

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