Earth Reading in Portland, OR

Fresco of saint’s face shattered by Assisi earthquake in 1997. Photo courtesy of London’s Independent Newspaper.

Earth: An Unexpected Journey of Self Discovery
Caroline AllenReading at New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland Oregon
Sun. Apr. 19, 5:30-7pm, $12

In this first of the four-book Elemental Journey Series, Caroline Allen introduces a form of storytelling that is unflinching in its honesty, filled with compassion and underscored with originality. Journey with Caroline as she discuss the themes and concepts of her book Earth, and the importance of finding one’s own truth and sense of self. Learn how to align with a higher spiritual calling to live a fuller, richer life. Caroline Allen began her career as an international journalist working in newsrooms in Tokyo, London and Seattle, and as a travel writer across Asia. She is also a metaphysical coach, using tarot, shamanism and reiki to help people align with their higher calling. Both as a book coach and a metaphysical coach, she has helped people all over the world excavate their authentic voice and find their truth. As a visual artist, she will provide bookmarks with original art to the first 10 attendees. The reading will be followed by a Q&A. After this, Caroline will open the evening to the audience, and she will be using tarot cards to answer audience questions about finding their own paths. and


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