FREE Webinar: Top 5 Tips for Telling the Story of Your Business with Authenticity to Attract More Clients

meatsantorosreadingArt of Storytelling Founder Caroline Allen at a public fiction reading for Art of Storytelling.

ART OF STORYTELLING is holding a FREE Webinar: Top 5 Tips for Telling the Story of Your Business with Authenticity to Attract More Clients on June 25th at 12:30 p.m. US Pacific Time. “How can I help?” is a profound concept in Deepak Chopra’s book Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. In this free webinar for owners of small to medium businesses, we’ll show you how to write the story of your business with integrity and attract people not only who will be transformed by your services, but who will end up transforming you. Register here:

I am ART OF STORYTELLING Founder Caroline Allen, and I have 30 years’ experience helping people tell their stories. As a journalist in Tokyo and London at major newspapers and as a teacher and writing coach, I have helped thousands of people get to the core of their truth and express their voice out into the world. I have used the power of storytelling to grow my own business, and I want to share her decades of experience with others. I am also passionate about providing you with professional and practical writing tips, from structuring a story to techniques for writing a publishable feature article. You can use the writing techniques we’ll show you for content for your website, a blog post or a press release.

The free webinar will introduce you to the following concepts…this will be followed up with an e-course in early July that will walk you through each of the following.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR STORY — Identify your authentic story and in so doing more successfully attract the people who really need your services. We’ll identify what you have to offer in the core of your being and help you attract people who need the essence of your service, and who in turn by their essence enrich your life and your work.

2. EXPLORE YOUR STORY — Answer the 5 W’s to get to the meat of your story: Who, What, When, Where and Why. We use techniques here used by journalists for writing compelling feature articles.

3. TELL YOUR STORY — Learn how to tell that story well.

4. WRITE YOUR STORY — Explore ways of writing that story in a compelling way to magnetize new clients.

5. SHARE YOUR STORY — look at using your story in social media, on your website and for press releases.

Register here:

Visit our website for more information:!e-courses/c1i0c



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