Writing and Psychic Channeling



What would happen if you combined novel, memoir or screenplay writing with psychic channeling? Could you psychically explore your protagonist to get down to the core of his or her belief system? Could you channel a plot? Don’t many famous writers say that they feel like they’re “channeling” when they write, with information flowing from a muse or a higher power of some sort?

Could you channel twists and turns in the plot? Might you be able to use a tarot deck to figure out what’s blocking you in a certain section of your novel?

Would it be possible to throw a reading and channel information about you as a writer in general. What about finding an agent or publisher? Could a psychic help you with that? 

For a decade, I worked as an international psychic, reading for clients all over the world. At first, I resisted this lifestyle passionately. I’d been a serious international journalist at newspapers like the Financial Times and the Independent in London when the psychic opening happened. I used to make fun of tarot readers in the newsroom. Then suddenly, I was open to this whole other realm and I was being called to become that which I made fun of. I was being called to art and writing too, but that would take a while to unravel.

So, in a few months’ period, I went from international newsroom to a rickety tarot table in the back of a bookstore. I felt I’d fallen so far down, when in fact, I was truly engaging profoundly powerful forces, even if society couldn’t see the truth of what I was doing.

I was a short story writer when a metaphysical counselor used tarot to tell me I needed to be turning short stories into a novel, and only after that were my first four novels born — Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 

As a writing coach, I use tarot cards all the time with clients who know I have this gift. I channel for them to explore character development, plot, setting options, theme. We look at how to deepen their writing practice, find an agent, seek a publisher, even update their writing space. I LOVE using tarot for this. 

So, to make it a more conscious practice, I’ve decided to start offering one-off tarot sessions for writers who have specific or even general questions about their writing. Add my many decades of experience as a writer of journalism, a novelist and a coach, to the process of channeling, and you have a powerful tool to break open your writing!

Email to set up a reading today. Check out my metaphysical website for rates and more information: http://www.shiftingperceptions.com. Or email me at carolineallen@aol.com.

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