Writing a book? Take the Leap!

I had a dream last night. A new writer stood on a cliff in a vast landscape, just at the edge of a crevasse. What a vista she had standing there, the land full of wild rock formations, dramatic cloud shadows. The cliff she stood on faced another land mass just mere feet away. I understood finally that she was too afraid to jump. It was an easy leap for any relatively fit adult, but fear trembled her, locked her knees. In the dream, I was told that this is the dilemma for the new writer, young and old. They have epic, dimensional ideas for a book, they may have even penned some of their poetic soul into an existing novel or memoir or short story, but then they somehow became stuck. All they need to do is make the leap over that crevasse, but they just can’t.

What I do as a coach is help writers over this crevasse. This is not just an issue of the technicalities of writing, but an emotional and sometimes spiritual issue. What is this fear that’s stopping you from leaping?

I’m introducing a Take-the-Leap Package to make the coaching process more viable for many people. Instead of having to sign up for ongoing coaching, you can buy this one-time package to jump-start your writing and help you fly over the crevasse and continue on your path as a writer.

The Take-the-Leap Package is a one month consultation. For $495, I will read your work, provide written feedback and speak to you on the telephone (or Skype) to anywhere in the world.

Here’s what you’ll get:
• Before you sign up, we will have a one-hour free phone call where we discuss your writing and how I work. This free consultation will help you see if I’m the right fit for you.
• When you sign, I’ll read your writing and you’ll receive professional writing feedback on all aspects of your fiction, memoir and nonfiction writing: organizing chapters; writing vivid description; building characters; exploring plot; deepening setting; and understanding theme.
• If you do not have writing to show me, but you have a deep, almost primal, desire to write, we’ll focus our sessions on providing you with the tools to help you write.
• Meanwhile, I provide other kinds of support – emotional, intellectual, spiritual – on what might be hindering your progress. I have vast experience helping many artists understand their blocks and break through them.
• You’ll also get practical advice on where to go with your writing. What week-to-week discipline can you engage to finish your book? What is a weak area that you might study further through workshops or how-to-write books? What how-to-write books would best serve you? What emotional or spiritual area of your creative development might you focus on?

I’m passionate about helping people open up and progress rapidly in their creative process. You won’t be disappointed on how much you get out of this month-long package. Read the testimonials on my website to see what others have to say. It all starts with a free consultation, so please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel the fear, as they say, and do it anyway.

I also bring deep personal experience to coaching. While growing up on a subsistence farm with parents who only had a 3rd grade education, I became passionate about people having the right to tell their truths. It seemed to me that poor uneducated people weren’t allowed the power that the rich and educated had to express themselves. The voices of the poor seemed to be dismissed. After years of training at the best journalism school in the country, I worked as a journalist all over the world, helping the voiceless to be heard. I write novels now, and as a coach, I am profoundly committed to helping anyone who wants to express their truth to have the tools to do so. We can ALL feel the poverty of soul expression; I have learned that expressing ourselves is not just an issue of financial status. So far, one client has had her novel published, with many more on the way. My first novel Earth, about growing up in Missouri, is currently being sent out to publishers.

What story do you have to tell? Let me help you develop the tools you need to tell it, to express your passion, your poetry, to the world.

Caroline Allen
Writing Coach/Creative Consultant
+1 978.228.6617


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