Using Ritual in Writing

The Heirophant, from the Visconti Sforza tarot deck

I have a client I’ve worked with for a couple of years, and he has just finished his screenplay. I’ve never written a screenplay, but coached him on things like storytelling and character development, and mostly kept him accountable. How many of us need some deadline, or someone, as an impetus to keep writing?

This client is a brilliant writer. His screenplay is gorgeous. We now faced the dilemma of getting the screenplay out there. Who should read it and give feedback? How could we get it into an agent’s hands, a director’s, a producers? How could we go from finished product to finished film?

I hit upon an idea. “Let’s do a ritual,” I said. “Let’s ask for what we want, a director, an agent, whatever you want.” I am also a metaphysical coach,, and I knew the client would be open to it as he does a lot of spiritual work, too.

Why do a ritual? What could it possibly accomplish? I believe we need to turn over all of our creative work to a Higher Power. Our Higher Power is the source of the creative work, and as we turn it over, it is like owning the love that emanates from the source. Our Higher Power not only knows better, but can manifest in greater ways than we mere humans are capable.

We spent the week before the next session prepping for the ritual. I had the client write a Statement of Intent. A Statement of Intent is usually about two pages single spaced. It begins with gratitude for what we’ve already received. It then clearly states what we want. I want my voice to be heard around the world! I want my film to be made, and to be a critical success! I want an agent! We then ask for this or something better, for the greatest and highest good for all.

I asked the client to think of objects that represent the success of his screenplay and to put these objects on an altar. A printed copy of the screenplay, of course, a special pen, a picture of a loved writer/mentor, a candle. My book Earth includes the Osage Native American tribe, and on my altar I have two of their arrowheads, found in the forest when I was a girl.

We also picked cards from spiritual decks. I use tarot cards, and chose the Heirophant because it represents Writer. My client had his own unusual deck, and chose a card randomly.

I’m outside Boston, and this client is outside Seattle, and we did the ritual over the phone. At my altar, I have Earth, Air, Fire and Water represented, Earth as arrowheads, Air as burning incense, Fire as a candle, and Water as purified water in a Japanese pewter cup. I invoked Spirit, and asked for its presence and help. I asked the spirit of each element to enter our ritual, too, Earth to keep us grounded, Air to flow in new opportunities, Fire to light passion and Water to deepen spirit.

Then, my client read his Statement of Intent. I interpreted the Heirophant. He read from a book about the card he’d chosen. We then passionately evoked the Spirits to help the screenplay find the right people and situations to be made into a film.

Afterwards, the client, who knows shamanism well, and I did shamanic journeys. A shamanic journey allows you to go speak to spirit guides and ask them what you need to know about a certain subject. Still on the phone, my client put on drumming music, and we quietly meditated and went upon our journeys.

We came back from the journey 20 minutes later, and shared what we learned. My guide had told me that the client was brilliant, which I already knew. He also told me to tell him to “workshop” the screenplay, that there would be actresses and actors who would be very happy to do this. I told him this. There was more information and I passed it on. My client had an intense journey, too, one that included many of the readers of his screenplay, and included an intense heart healing.

Rituals always create some kind of shift, in attitude, energy, and sometimes just hands you what you ask for. My client and I are now waiting to see.

If you want an agent, your book published, or to unblock your writing, what about doing a ritual? Invoke your spirit guides and ask for their help. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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One thought on “Using Ritual in Writing

  1. I stumbled on your blog by chance as I have just started writing a blog and had no idea how complex the blogosphere was and I was pretty much just playing. At any rate, it’s interesting that your blog touched on areas that are of great interest to me such as writing and ritual, I’m extremely spiritual. And then how strange it was to read that the author of the film script lives in Seattle only perhaps seventy miles or so south of where I live. I live about ten minutes from the Canadian border. This all just makes me wonder if by some chance that it was spirit that guided me to this post?
    Well in closing I hope that your friend gets the movie deal that he’s searching for especially since I am well aware of how difficult that can be. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this.


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