Multiple choice

Girl on chair, acrylic on canvas,

A multiple-choice question for you.

I will begin and stick to a regular writing schedule when:
A. My children turn 18 and leave home.
B. I find a job and am not so stressed out about money.
C. I finish a big project at work.
D. I finish a big project on the house.
E. I meet that special someone.
F. I break up with that not-so-special someone.
G. I’m finished with my degree.
H. All of the planets align in perfect harmony and make writing so easy, so glorious, that nothing can stop the flow of my pen across the page.
I. My children, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend backs off and gives me enough room to breathe.
J. Never.

If you chose any of the first nine above, you might as well just circle J. If not now, when? If not today, then why make your promises? to quote Tracy Chapman.

This year, for your New Year resolution, why not simply commit to write more? Why not set a writing schedule and stick to it? Why not make a list of excuses and burn it?

Don’t wait for anything to be perfect before you commit to writing. Believe me, it never will be. Ever. I can personally attest to that.

If you have no job right now because of the financial crisis, you’ll be just as worried about not having money if you sit and stare at your online bank account, as you will if you sit and write.

If you’ve got kids, get up an hour early and write. If you think that’s too much, I have two or three clients with small children who’ve written whole novels this way. I’m not saying it’s easy. In fact I think it’s pretty brutal. But your soul wants to write and you’re denying it its food. Your soul is anorexic.

Feed me, as the plant bellows in Little Shop of Horrors. Feed me!

None of us may have that long to live. And what if doing soul work tipped the planet back into balance?

We need you.

A writing coach can help keep you accountable. Contact me for a free initial consultation.,


2 thoughts on “Multiple choice

  1. I love how you write. Makes mi giggle and nod. Thanks for sharing. The muse will come down on you so hard one day that no kids, no job no somoeonelesness will be able to hold that huge sunami wave of creativity. You rock! Happy new year!


  2. Caroline,
    Hadn’t received a blog message a long time and was wondering about you. My son got married, I danced at the wedding, and have been trying to catch up with myself ever since.
    Loved your message as usual – need to make writing a priority.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year. Arlyn


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