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Statue of pianist, Yerevan, Armenia,

I have this recurring vision when I work with writing clients. Sometimes, I’ll see the client pull a long cord out of their belly. On the end of the cord is a three-pronged plug. I watch them as they insert the plug into my belly. They think I’m the one who is the source of their explosion as a writer. I am not the source. I AM connected to the source, though. And the client needs to find their own connection to the source. I do a visualization to unplug the client, and in my vision use a plastic child safety cover to protect my gut.

New writers or artists get it wrong. They think they’re getting creative energy from a person or an organization. They’re not. They’re getting it from the Source. The clients who are plugging into me, are plugging into MY connection to the source. This will never ever work in the long-term. What if I die? What if they can’t afford me? And anyway, it’s not the right way to go about it. Every artist needs their independence and their own connection to this universal endless supply of the creative force.

Every writer and artist must take the cord that extends from their belly and they must plunge it deep into the earth, or extend it high above their heads and connect it to the white light of the universe . It’s the only way.

I have spent years opening myself up to, honoring and listening to the greater truths. How did I do it? How could you do it?

First, staying connected to the Source is the ONLY way I could be a novelist, a visual artist, a writing coach, an international consultant for developing countries, a teacher and much much more. It is not my energy I’m using. I promise you, I’d pass out if that was the case. It’s the source, god’s energy, universal energy, call it what you will.

So, how do you personally find the source? That is a question whose answer could fill three volumes. What you put your attention to grows. Put your attention to connecting with spirit. Read spiritual books. The Care of the Soul, for example, by Thomas Moore or The Tao of Physics by physicist Fritjof Capra. Learn to meditate. Go on a spiritual retreat.

No matter what, the search will require that at times you keep space around you. You need to quiet all the noise to even begin to hear the universe speaking to you. Once you get better at it, you can maintain the connection and be around more people without getting pulled off the path.

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2 thoughts on “Connect to the source

  1. Awesome article, and so TRUE! The same could be said of romantic relationships. We feed off each other, rather than feeling whole from our connection to Source. So, instead of loving each other unconditionally, instead of really being “in love”, we are often really “in need”. 🙂
    O love your blogs!
    Paula Richards


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