Tarot for Economic Crises, Part 11

Photo by caroline allen, www.carolineallen.com

The hardest thing about reading tarot is not projecting what you want the cards to say. A good reader lets the information channel through. The hardest thing about opening the tarot to the public is trusting in the message that’s coming through, even if you’d rather write something else, something that would make you as the reader look more savvy, more sophisticated or more cool.

So, because of the overwhelming popularity of yesterday’s blog, I decided to do a Part 11. I’m going to throw another tarot reading and do my best to channel the information, whatever the cards have to say. Here goes.

Financial foundations are strong enough to withstand current events. Balance will be found. Don’t worry. Too many people have too much at stake in the lifestyles we’ve built for ourselves to let collapse happen. Be patient. Balance will be found. A creative solution of like minded organizations and peoples will come together to create a dynamic solution.

The financial institutions behind most of the difficulties were out of balance as a general rule and a restructuring needed to happen and that is truly what this is all about. That restructuring is being forced now and it will happen.

Have peace and comfort. Do not panic. (Overseeing the whole reading is the 2 of Swords, which is the Peace card, which kept showing up in the first reading.)

You are not alone. The whole world is in this together. If you’re a healer and are reading this, we can emanate spiritual healing onto the world stage right now. If you are not a healer, you can deal with people who owe you money or any other financial situation that might cause you anxiety with gentleness, love and compassion. It’s not you against the world. It’s not about you hoarding money for yourself. It’s about all of us needing, deserving and wanting a balanced life. We can help each other here.

The downside of this reading is this: people who do not live in integrity financially create a paradigm where a scapegoat must be found. Already scapegoats are found in other races and more globally in developing countries. We convince ourselves that we are the chosen ones and deserve more of the world’s resources and take advantage of whole groups of people, and of more earth-based cultures. This will continue to be the case. (The spirit guides are yelling at me because I’m pulling punches here.) This will WORSEN. As fears around money increase, the tendency will be to squeeze some people harder and harder for their few remaining pennies.

We’ve all had examples of being personally scapegoated. Now imagine if you were born in a country that is perpetually scapegoated.

(Again the cards are yelling at me. Don’t pull the punches. OK. Alright. Back it off, will ya?) The people committed to their lifestyle are willing to KILL, destroy and demolish — and that’s the full impact of scapegoating — to continue their lifestyles. I’m reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and have never found a book more right on when it comes to explaining this paradigm.

What to do?

Times will come when you will be asked to help heal those who have been scapegoated. How? First, heal yourself. Get spiritual healing or therapy, so that when you go in to help you’re not patronizing people you’re helping and further scapegoating them. Second, tell the truth. Quit propping up a system that is just wrong, wrong for everyone. Again if you’re a healer, meditate or do reiki or shamanically journey on sending out love and healing to the world. If you are of a more practical bent, there are investment companies that assist third world countries in building small businesses. It’s called social entrepreneurship, and there are projects like these that people can get involved in.

Finally, if you’re an artist, express it in your art, in your novels. I had a vision after yesterday’s blog where I wrote about using a leaf to pay my heating bill about money growing on trees, and how I might take the colorful fall leaves that are all around now in New England and use a gloss to preserve them and turn them into an art project; what is more beautiful a dollar bill or a fall leaf?

Also, truths written in fiction have had a long history of transforming universal opinion, as long as we as writers don’t pull the punches out of fear of reprisal for telling the truth.

And the reading ends by saying, yet again: Everyone personally need to heal their own internal issues with money. For example, if you see commercials for Christian Children’s Fund, and a small African boy or Latina girl flashes on the TV, if you think you are the same as that child, you are that child, then no worries. If you go to a feeling of superiority because you have more money, or even pity (a loaded and not healthy feeling), then you must heal. We’re all equal. We’re even equal to the trees and air, but we’ve got to start somewhere, so let’s just start with each other.


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